About Charlotte Lai

Charlotte Lai is an up and coming Toronto based artist who specializes in concert and portrait photography. Currently attending Toronto Metropolitan University’s BFA program in photography, Charlotte is excited and dedicated to learning more about the finer details of her craft. With her two-plus years of work with Colour Sound Presents and Team Colour Sound taking her talents to New York City, she has defined herself within the creative image-making community as an artist who values intersectionality, collaboration and community-oriented work. In all of her work, she aims to engage in meaningful dialogue surrounding BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and feminist issues;  eager to work alongside artists who hold similar values within their area of practice, she is constantly looking to collaborate with like-minded industry professionals. Having been a full ACTRA union member since the age of 12, Charlotte has a deep understanding of how important teamwork is in professional production settings and always strives to make sure people on set are comfortable and engaged in the project at hand. 

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